The AIM has seven elements. The fundamental work is identifying imbalance, then using the following elements synergistically to bring your unique talents forth. You will find that your own voice will be the best teacher you ever had when you learn to listen to it and it's needs. I teach you how to teach yourself.  

Philosophy of AIM

1. Psycho-physical

We use mirrors to examine physical habit patterns that may be getting in your way.

2. Eurythmics

We will play with concepts of rhythm, musical structure and expression using movement. This will deepen the effectiveness of your communication with the audience. 

3. Voice/Presence

Manuel Garcia vocal method

Manuel García the younger (1805 -1906) was a Spanish singer, music educator, and vocal pedagogue. We use his method and the vocal exercises presented in his books, as translated and edited by Beret Arcaya.

4. Thoughts & Beliefs

We will explore how our thoughts and beliefs form the world we experience and how we can use them to our advantage in performance.

5. Energy Integration

Maximize your freedom & ease with energy allocation in all the right places at the right times. We will use terms like Prana, aura, and soul vibration so you'll need to be comfortable with these ideas. 

6. Health & Well-being

To be your best, you must take care of your self mentally, physically and spiritually. Balance and prevention make recouping unnecessary. We will explore this balance and discuss options for returning to balance when imbalance occurs. 

7. Musicality

I encourage all students to develop their own unique interpretation of the music undertaken. I do not teach by imitation and do not recommend learning music by listening to recordings. We will have fun exploring musical choices through games and experimentation.