Deborah Domanski

Professional singer

Career highlights include engagements with The Metropolitan Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Austin Lyric Opera, Michigan Opera Theater, New Orleans Opera, Indianapolis Opera, Opera Hong Kong, Pittsburgh Opera, Grand Rapids Bach Festival, American Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Utah Symphony, Santa Fe Pro Musica, and Los Angeles Philharmonic, Weill Concert Hall debut as part of the Horne Foundation’s The Song Continues -- recital series at Carnegie Hall. 

My journey

The story of discovering my own voice:

  • starting out as a very promising young opera singer
  • realizing all my formal training had been misleading me
  • experiencing the depths of sadness at this realization
  • almost quitting the thing I love doing the most
  • the cathartic transformation of leaping into the unknown and starting from scratch
  • feeling my soul illuminating an entire theater through the connection I had with the audience by my heart and my voice

After graduating from Manhattan School of Music, 3 years in Juilliard's professional opera program, and after completing Santa Fe Opera and Pittsburgh Opera apprentice programs, I had an artistic crisis, as all of the most renown teachers in the world were urging me to force and manipulate my sound. 

Then I had an epiphany: I realized that to be true to myself and my artistic purpose, I had to let go of all artifice and sing without any affectation. Fortunately, I discovered a wonderful mentor with a new approach to using the voice. I'm passionate about passing on this beautiful and pure approach. I aim to teach, by example, that if we speak (sing) from our authenticity, our message will be more effective because it's coming from our personal truth.

Life and Spirituality Coach

We will set goals for you by defining your vision, mission and purpose. This will give you a clear path forward with milestones to assess your improvement. Through questions, reflection and various techniques, I help you overcome your personal barriers to achieve your artistic goals.